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Review Helsinki, Sun, 30 April 1967

Stump, 02-05-1967

The Who arrived streight from the airport to the ice hockey arena, played, smashed their equipment and dissappeared

Substitute, Run Run Run, Boris the spider, I'm a Boy, Happy Jack, Pictures of Lily, My Generation.

Microphones were flying, singing was heard low, amplifiers were squeezing, loud music and controlled movement

Cool clothes, wigs, artificial moustache, eyeglasses, highpowered amplifiers and lots of drums

Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey and John Entwhistle - The Who

The big show was started by a band "the Lords" from Lahti (Finland). Before the guitar breakers the audience had the opportunity to watch still another band called "the Renegades" After the pause Antti Einiö called the Who to the stage. One hundred watt amplifiers and a huge set of drums were put on the stage during the pause waiting for their hard-handed users.

John Entwhistle in his stylisticly cut suit and equipped with moustache - Keith Moon with a big pile of drum sticks, dressed in a shirt made of the union flag - Pete Townshend, yellow glasses, white trousers and a black jacket - Roger Daltrey in his whites and hair longer than before.

The Who started with "Substitute" and the lead singer Roger threw immediately his microphone towards the drummer Keith Moon. The whole set was a big show by the Who. Only their newest single "Pictures of Lily" which is by the way their best hit, was performed without any tricks and in a way that also the audience had the opportunity to understand it. The audience heard or saw the best of the Who. All the hits and a couple ones from their latest LP.

The singer Roger Daltrey acted in a great way and showed the audience his backside about half of the showtime. It was so fun to tease drummer Keith Moon by kicking the bass drums and moving cymbals. Keith´s big pile of drum sticks was of use every now and then when some front row girl got a sample from Keith´s collection. The basist John Entwhistle was a total opposite to the group. Standing still, controlled play and coarse singin was his job. The composer and guitarplayer of the Who Pete Townshend had his very own patterns. Mightly he hit his guitar away from the others. And that didn´t lack sex.

When the magic "My Generation" was heard from the noisy amplifiers, the fans started to move nervously. The safety personnel started to sweat and only few fans were sitting on their seats. The pop-people were standing and the Who loudly presented their family story. Loudspeakers started to howl, fog-bombs in the air and Townshend smashing his guitar. Roger kicking the drums and microphone stands were used like violing strokes, Townshend had his guitar in two pieces and smashed them into the amplifier behind and pushed down the whole beauty. Moon threw a couple of cymbals down on the stage and was hitting the drums like a maniac.

Meanwhile Roger had pushed down some big amplifiers and he and Townshend were jumping on the destroyed amps. The bass and drums took care of the noise and after Moon had finished his instruments only the loud bass survived. That wasn´t destroyed.

The fancied audience suddenly notice that there was only a pile of used instruments on the stage and nobody could see any musicians.

They had dissappeared.