The Who

English Boy (Reprise)


I'm a thug
I've got nowhere to go but down
Stand up when I'm taking to you boy
Stand up when I'm taking to you boy
Stand up! ...
Slow like a prejudice
Broken like hatred
Kicking at a dead man
Cut pieces to pieces
Marking your territory
Freezing the future
Stopping the stopwatch
I am despairing
I was an English boy
I was brought up right
You could hold me down
And I would bite
I knew no fear
And I served with joy
I was proud to be here
An English boy
I was an English boy, yes I was
I was an English boy ...

Scene 30 - Ray addresses the audience

Gridlife was a vision, a real vision.
Not a fiction, not a fairy tale, a glimpse of the future.
Today, twenty years later, the apocalypse it foresaw is nearer.
But, whatever you read in the newspapers, we still don't have any alternative reality.
It's all games now- all lies and deceit.

What happened to the truth?
What happened to the dream?

What happened to all that lovely hippy shit?

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CD-Cover Psychoderelict

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